"As our National Trust Integration project has completed, I wanted to thank you and your team for your dedication and significant contribution to the project 's success. This was the largest, most comprehensive undertaking of the bank and to quote our Senior Vice President after his wrap-up meeting with bank senior management, we hit a bases loaded, out of the park, home run. Much of our success was due to your leadership, in particular, your planning and organizational skills and your ability to manage multiple deliverables by setting expectations and priorities. We also appreciated your knack for keeping us focused for the intense 20-month duration."

Keith Peacock
Assistant General Manager
Scotia Bank

Managing your Success

The world of business is moving faster and faster. The new business environment demands quick, effective execution of business strategies and resulting projects. You, your competitors, your suppliers and your customers are all fighting to keep pace.

How do you succeed?

Project Measures Inc. specializes in helping clients cope with today's business environment. Through effective project management, Project Measures guides and trains your teams to uncover and manage the more elusive components of project performance. Applying proven project management techniques, customized to your needs, allows us to help your teams execute projects quickly and efficiently.

Project Management Consulting

Project Measures Inc. specializes in project control consulting for departments and teams with multiple projects. We apply proven project management techniques customized to our clients needs. Similar to how a thorough financial audit enables steps to future profits, we provide Information Technology teams with the tools to uncover and manage the more elusive components of project performance.

Time- Accurate schedule progress against schedule baselines, resulting in time savings
Work- Resource requirements integrated with schedules, resulting in more manageable workloads
Effort- Scope changes identified against approved work breakdown structures, resulting in increased billable hours
When company management is confident their regular status reports are completely accurate and true, they can keep their teams productive, effective and billable.

Project Management Training

Project management training is conducted by Ralph Kuhn, a principal of Project Measures Inc. Ralph is a certified professional engineer (P. Eng.) and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He teaches the methodology that has been established by the internationally recognized Project Management Institute, based in Newton Square, Pennsylvania. The insight gained from years of experience is reflected in his courses and his workshops.

Win by Managing Project Risk

Managing Resource Risk
We have the tools and techniques to model an organization's resource requirements from multiple resource pools. By understanding the objectives and priorities, we can help select the appropriate level of detail to ensure that strategic look forward reports are reliably generated for the benefit of team leaders.

Managing Schedule Risk
Our project management information system (PMIS) solutions are scalable. We utilize the strengths of MS Project, MS Access and MS Excel. Immediate benefits are realized, as pertinent project reports become the foundation to good planning. Tracking and progress modules are customized as required.

Managing Organizational Risk
Experience has taught us to respect how projects fit into different organizations. We seek to understand the issues that challenge our customer's customer. We manage expectations. We continually look for ways to present project issues for the benefit of people.

About Us

Promote best practices in project management so that they are enabling and embraced by team members.
Help bridge information between an organization's cost centers so that it becomes knowledge for the profit centers.

Project Measures is a privately held company, located in Whitby, Ontario. Its principal, Ralph Kuhn, is a recognized specialist in the field of project management.

Before joining Project Measures Inc., Ralph was a Vice-President at Parker Project Management. His strong communication skills, and diplomatic nature, made him a valuable team member on projects that required detailed planning and coordination. He led ScotiaBank's project planning and control efforts during the very successful merger with National Trust. Ralph excelled at applying previously honed scheduling principles (Science) to successfully quantify and manage progress for an internal client. Like all change projects, the real test during the bank merger was in negotiating and managing stakeholder expectations (Art) to ensure overall success. The successful result of this highly publicized merger is a credit to his abilities.

Previous to his term with Parker Project Management, Ralph spent 7 years with Eastern Construction Company Ltd.. During this time he made key contributions to the construction of a number of large projects in Toronto. In addition to new construction, Ralph's experience also included business change and systems projects.

An exceptionally challenging example was the 18-month, $25 Million facility enhancement at Commerce Court for Eastern Construction starting in 1992. Ralph's responsibilities included building a new operations center and concurrently maintaining overall project schedule control for fire alarm, building controls, security, life safety and HVAC upgrades to the occupied 2 million sq. ft. complex.

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